Hook Bang: Missile Defense/Nightenfell

What is the future of gaming? Our client asked us, along with a team of designers and engineers to explore the possibilities. We explored what AR gaming could look and feel like with Hookbang. How large should a playfield be? What UI and visual cues would be the most intuitive to a player? How detailed can we get on objects, and how can we push the current limits of mobile phone technology to deliver the best looking AND performing games possible?

One of the first attempts at exploring AR gaming led us to Missile Defense, a co-op experience where players defend their cities from missile attacks. As we explored the game mechanics and look and feel, the decision was made to ditch the war stuff in favor of a friendlier theme. Nightenfell was born.

Nightenfell is a cooperative game where you and your friends defend the magical forest of Nightenfell from incoming comets. Cast powerful spells and freeze time to defend and protect Nightenfells life force, the peaceful mushrooms. Nightelfell is available for purchase here.