VFX Supervisor

Massive Black is a leader in visual development for entertainment industry. Our most recognizable clients include Amazon, Google, Riot Games, Sony, Toyota, Bethesda, Intel, and Unity. We have contributed to hundreds of games, commercials, and toy designs since 2003.

Superpowers you have are:

  • 6+ years game VFX experience with at least 3 years as Lead VFX Artist with at least one title shipped in the lead role
  • Proven excellent leadership skills. Able to communicate effectively verbally and visually
  • Demonstrated ability to create beautiful VFX for games, film/TV, or a combination of both
  • Strong traditional painting skills, ability to combine hand-crafted art sensibility with technical skills to create unique VFX
  • Extensive experience with Unreal Engine (Niagara), Unity, and Maya
  • Strong technical proficiency in VFX content creation tools such as Houdini/Fume FX/Maya fluids, etc.
  • Able to maintain a balance between visual quality and performance requirements for AAA real-time games
  • Strong understanding of innovative real-time VFX techniques and pipeline
  • Positive collaborative ability and a desire to bring new ideas to the team

You are a rockstar if you have:

  • Experience in balancing conflicting priorities of visual quality, CPU and memory performance, and development time, to produce the best results for the project

Becoming a part of Massive Black team you will:

  • Build and manage the VFX team
  • Mentor team members
  • Design and create new VFX and render features
  • Set and maintain technical & quality visual effect benchmarks without supervision
  • Work with our Art Director to develop and sustain an artistic style consistent with the defined visual style
  • Review VFX work and provide art feedback
  • Identify and build tools and pipelines with the engineering team
  • Own VFX team planning, risk assessment, and scoping
  • Work with project management to plan the VFX team schedule
  • Establish and maintain best practice documentation
  • Diagnose, optimize and troubleshoot visual effects for both quality and performance

Join our team of professionals and get even more:

  • Competitive salary with benefits
  • Flexible hours, remote working
  • Autonomy and latitude within your role

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