Technical Art Director

Massive Black is a leader in visual development for entertainment industry. Our most recognizable clients include Amazon, Google, Riot Games, Sony, Toyota, Bethesda, Intel, and Unity. We have contributed to hundreds of games, commercials, and toy designs since 2003.

Superpowers you have are:

  • 10+ years of professional experience as a technical artist in games or related industries
  • 4+ years of professional management experience
  • Experience with 3D math and computer graphic design
  • Expertise with Maya, game engines, and scripting in Python and HLSL
  • Exceptional understanding of the game development process and art creation pipelines from prototype to final shipped product
  • Expert understanding of optimization of both assets and pipelines
  • Experience with and commitment to building long-term maintainable, testable, portable, and stable systems
  • Experience building strategic visions and working within leadership in large organizations
  • Highly proficient communication skills and capacity to act as an ambassador between art and engineering
  • Familiarity with pipeline toolsets for lighting, shaders, and content optimization
  • Experience translating artistic requirements to sustainable workflow design
  • Great communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Self-driven and excels under pressure

You are a rockstar if you have:

  • Professional knowledge of AAA game engines & render pipelines
  • Experience in designing or helping develop rendering technology for AAA proprietary game engines
  • Experience managing performance budgets and optimization processes for games

Becoming a part of Massive Black team you will:

  • Lead, manage, and guide all things tech art
  • Drive R&D efforts, investigate and pioneer cutting edge graphics technology, establish potential usage and feasibility
  • Collaborate with our Art Director to achieve artistic goals and with Engineering Directors to achieve technical ones
  • Work directly with Artists and Engineers to troubleshoot rendering issues across several engines
  • Help define the technical aspirations and constraints for a project 
  • Identify tools and pipelines to improve our processes and product or solve production problems
  • Get your hands dirty to solve our trickiest art tech problems

Join our team of professionals and get even more:

  • Competitive salary with benefits
  • Flexible hours, remote working
  • Autonomy and latitude within your role

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