Anti-Fraud Hiring Policies

Anti-Fraud Hiring Policies

Here at Massive Black we take trust and safety matters extremely seriously. Our Anti-Fraud Hiring Policies apply to all Massive Black staff members and contractors (further referred to as “Partners”) without exception. These policies constitute an integral part of our Privacy Policy and should be read and applied in conjunction with the Privacy Policy. We made it our first priority to ensure the transparency, fairness, and reliability of our hiring process for all the Partners involved. We take a proactive approach and investigate any reports of fraud. 

Therefore, it is crucial to take all the precautions necessary to mitigate threats of fraudulent agents. We will uphold all applicable laws relevant to countering and investigating fraudulent activities. Massive Black has a strict set of policies to prevent the latter from damaging relationships with our Partners. These are:

  • Each and every stage of the hiring-related communication is carried out only by our representatives using exclusively email. If you encounter any other email that is trying to mimic our domain, please contact us and we shall investigate this case.
  • Under no circumstances would our representatives ask for any sort of monetary compensation, payments, purchases, fees, or any other form of money transfers from our partners. The entirety of the hiring process is fully covered by the Massive Black including all the necessary equipment and materials. In case you encounter such requests voiced supposedly by our representatives, please contact us immediately.

Here are some practical tips to protect yourself from fraud:

  1. Read the email address of our representative very carefully. The only official domain of Massive Black is Any insertion, break, underscore, or other alteration is a sign of a possible fraud trying to mimic our address and exploit our company’s name.
  2. Check the social media accounts of the recruiters. An actual HR or Talent Acquisition specialist always has a lot of contacts on their LinkedIn and Facebook, a profile photo, and our company’s official email in their profile.
  3. Look out for any divergences from professional matters in your conversation with a recruiter. Any kind of discussion that goes beyond the scope of a hiring process is to be taken with suspicion.

Massive Black Staff is always ready to help you with any issues regarding the communication with us. In case you have any questions, suggestions, or requests, please don’t hesitate to tell us using the “contact us” button on our website or via email

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