Next generation game development now demonstrates the same pedigree of art as seen in the film industry. Massive Black's adroit culture supports this awareness, and adds exceptional style to the quality of our products rendered. Emotionally gripping visuals and value on all layers of production are an absolute must in today's marketplace. If you want to push your title to the highest level of merit and excellence, Massive Black is the most qualified collective team existing in the industry to assist your company.

Massive Black Inc. is a proven premier game development and outsourcing studio. Our high profile talent, with a proven track record in both film and games, has worked with an impressive group of clients. Companies like Flagship Studios (The founders of Blizzard North), Neversoft, id software, Sony, Nvidia, 3d Realms, Wideload Games (The founders of Bungie), Acclaim, EA, Activision, Ion Storm, and Factor 5, have come to us for help on their AAA video game titles and movies. Their needs have been assisted in conceptual design, cinematics, 3d asset development, animation, high-end illustration, texture work, consulting, and look development. These important clients do business with Massive Black Inc. because we provide next-generation assets and aesthetics that are unparalleled, within current industry budgets.