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Since 2003, Massive Black provides the Entertainment, Advertising, and Tech Industries quality creative content that evokes stories, engages consumers, and pushes boundaries. From character development to world creation we know how to visually convey your ideas through groundbreaking illustration, story-boarding, animation, and cinematics. Our team of veteran designers employ decades of experience to help tell stories, push technologies, and continue to have a hand in setting the visual lexicon for entertainment design.

Massive Black is comprised with a wide breadth of established award winning artists and designers from many different backgrounds and disciplines. We feel this diversity helps us create unique and sometimes unexpected results, which from our experience can help define a project. We specialize in producing solutions that perfectly nail the objective in ways you never would have thought. Being creative isn’t coloring within the lines, but making your own. We don’t just do what everyone else does. We never have. And that’s why we’re still here after all these years!

We were born from the philosophy that continued education in the artist community is incredibly important. As creatives, we never stop learning. True to this, we continue to host seminars, art workshops, and provide an open atmosphere of discussion on our MB Forums. Our events feature the brightest talents from around the globe in a fun, open environment that fosters discussion and the sharing of ideas.

Clients include: Google, Amazon, Toyota, Our Machinery, and lots of other awesome folks.

For more info email info@massiveblack.com or fill out the contact form below.